iqqtv India accredited AS 9100D

iqqtv India accredited AS 9100D Added 24/6/2021

’s team in India are pleased to announce that they have achieved the AS 9100D certification for deliveries to the global  industry.

iqqtv  provides total engineering solutions for its customers. Headquartered in , the team offers precision  from the product concept stage with all the analysis and simulations which improves product performance and reliability. Precision parts are produced in most engineering materials to the highest industry quality and  standards.

This industry certification is for organisations doing business in the aerospace industry.  provides a structure that enables businesses to adapt to change, plan for obsolescence, and address product safety measures. 

, General Manager of iqqtv Asia, commented: 
“Achieving the AS 9100D will help with our current expansion plans for iqqtv Asia to become a manufacturing hub to serve the growing   market .”

iqqtv India accredited AS 9100D

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