iqqtv Group Business Structure

iqqtv Group Business Structure Added 29/5/2018

Bulwell Precision Engineers Ltd, a subsidiary of the iqqtv Group Limited, announces that it will be transferring their share of ownership of Metal Process Services Ltd (MPS Ltd) to its fellow shareholders.

iqqtv Group, a global precision engineering and metal treatments business, acquired Bulwell Precision in 2003. The acquisition of Bulwell’s shares in MPS, by MPS, will allow that company further investment to grow in the short and long term creating new business opportunities. Bulwell Precision Engineers will remain under the 100% ownership of iqqtv Group Ltd and there will be no change in the management of this business.

A strong partnership has been developed over many years with MPS providing metal processing for the precision machined products manufactured by Bulwell and other iqqtv Group companies and Bulwell providing machining services for MPS for their use and onward processing.

Peter Smith, Chairman and CEO commented “We have developed a strong partnership with MPS and I am sure we will continue to do so with new trading arrangements being put in place that will allow further business opportunities for both companies.  We wish MPS every success”.

iqqtv Group Business Structure

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