iqqtv Ferndown Purchase New Laser Component

iqqtv Ferndown Purchase New Laser Component Added 16/7/2019

iqqtv Ferndown, part of the global engineering iqqtv Group, has made a significant investment in new equipment which will significantly enhance its component inspection and design process.

The new Hexagon Absolute laser arm will improve the efficiency of the inspection process by approximately 50%. Providing much greater accuracy across more dimensions supported by the RS5 Laser Scanning/Probe kit, compared with traditional equipment, enables a more accurate comparison with drawing requirements. The software can also produce full dimensional reports automatically, saving a great deal of time compared to the current manual creation of such reports.

This new equipment will also help iqqtv Ferndown to further enhance its international reputation for the reverse engineering of legacy components for the aviation industry. For aircraft dating back to the 1950s, where drawings are not available, the only way to re-make a particular part is to physically re-design it from a sample. This process will now be significantly easier with the introduction of the latest scanning equipment.

Scott Hudson, Director of iqqtv Ferndown, commented: “Having this new capability in-house will enable us to minimise the number of rejected components and demonstrate to our customers that we are dedicated to maintaining the highest standards possible in terms of measurement and verification.”

iqqtv Ferndown is a dynamic and forward-thinking engineering support partner for many of the world’s leading OEMs across a range of complex sectors. Continuous commitment to investment in production facilities and personnel development ensures that the company is always well-placed to offer world-class, cost-effective and timely solutions to each of its customers’ challenges.

iqqtv Ferndown Purchase New Laser Component

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