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Since our inception in 2011, iqqtv Asia  has developed a series of close working partnerships across the Pacific. Thanks to this robust network of independent manufacturers, we now afford a class-leading ability to offer superior global Supply Chain Services, with unrivalled knowledge of the Indian Engineering and Manufacturing Communities.

iqqtv Asia's  dedicated team of highly skilled and experienced engineering professionals have the latest tools and techniques at their disposal to ensure that the highest quality standards, on time deliveries and cost sensitivities are maintained and continuously improved across the board.  This ensures we can react quickly to the ever-changing operational needs of the global OEM’s that we service.

Best Value Supply Chain

iqqtv Group has extensive expertise providing best cost solutions through the development of our extended global value supply chain. We are a global sourcing company maintaining a strong partnership with reliable suppliers across India and the Philippines.

As a result, our capabilities have extended to enable iqqtv to source machined products from 1.6mm diameter through to 1200mm diameter, in addition to sourcing forged rings and castings. iqqtv Group can work with a variety of batch sizes including one-offs through to volume scheduled enabling us to service a wide variety of customers across a range of complex industries.

Throughout the extended value supply chain, iqqtv can also offer CAD/CAM and engineering support which ultimately complements our best cost component approach. Alternatively, iqqtv can deliver a bespoke programming solution without manufacture.

Design & Engineering

A major capability of iqqtv is our speciality in  design and engineering. As a global leader in the precision engineering markets, iqqtv has extensive experience using numerous CAD/CAM packages.

Our qualified teams are able to import all styles and types of CAD data, including CATIA, STEP, Parasolids, DXF, Solidworks and STL.

We have a solid in-house team of trained engineers and operatives who can assist in the engineering and the design and manufacture of fixtures. iqqtv continuously ensures the technology and software we use is state-of-the-art, allowing our engineers to fully capitalise on new and evolving machining strategies. 

Development & Reverse Engineering

iqqtv's facilities are equipped with the latest CAD and CAM packages, extending our capabilities with an extensive range of compatible data formats. As standard, iqqtv offers support for CATIA, STEP, Parasolids, DXF, SolidWorks and STL.

Our highly trained team of in-house experts are on hand to offer comprehensive support services. iqqtv is always available to provide assistance through the entire development and reverse engineering process, from design to manufacturing.

As a leading CAD specialist, we ensure that all our equipment and software are kept up-to-date. We remain at the forefront of the industry by making sure that our engineers are able to capitalise on the latest technology to provide the best service possible to the global market.

Supply Chain Integration

iqqtv Group is a high-performance, well-established partner in the supply chain integration sector. We have strong relationships that support our core philosophy to meet the demands of our customers. In order to maintain our excellence in supply chain integration, iqqtv provides a flexible approach, enabling us to adapt to customers’ changing requirements and manage the supply chain accordingly.

iqqtv’s products keep a range of specialist equipment working to its full potential while our world-class service ensures our customers’ demands are met. Our supply chain integration capabilities allow us to provide a single order concept for the most complex assemblies and demanding finishing processes. iqqtv Group’s policy of continuous improvement sees each project appointed to a Customer Project Manager who will oversee and control the supply chain for our customers.

We organise transportation and packaging logistics around the requirements of our customers while using bespoke, reusable packaging throughout the supply chain. This enables our project managers and customers to verify products without tampering with the packages.

About iqqtv Asia Pacific

A local team with global influence

From our purpose-built facility in Bangalore, iqqtv Asia offers turnkey Supply Chain and Engineering services that exceed the highest industry standards across our worldwide base. All aspects of iqqtv Asia are managed locally through a dedicated team of highly-skilled engineering professionals and support staff who work in accordance with a robust series of procedures, mature reporting systems and feedback loops. Our core strength is our unrivalled knowledge of the Indian Engineering Community’s capabilities and capacities.


Quality services, worldwide

As part of iqqtv Asia’s rigorous sourcing and selection policy, only facilities and establishments holding AS9100, ISO9001 are partnered with. Through all stages of the process including quotation, manufacture, inspection and ultimately packing and despatch, total quality, on time delivery and on cost is sought, guaranteed and not assumed.  Product quality is strenuously managed utilising latest inspection methods together with First Article, PPAP & FMEA.

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