GEB Surface Treatments

GEB provide critical metal surface treatments for a range of complex industries, specialising in Aerospace and associated industries. Our strong and motivated workforce is dedicated to providing customer satisfaction with every precision project undertaken. We are consistently striving to improve and adapt to meet and exceed customer’s requirements with respect to quality, responsiveness, lead times and cost. We have developed an established base of long-term customer relationships helping us to develop to the quality company we are today.


iqqtv  is a specialist in providing top quality protection of your parts from corrosion and wear through utilisation of our variety of anodising treatments. The application of iqqtv’s range of anodic films can be used to improve adhesion and lubrication for paint primers, as well as tailoring metal aesthetics. iqqtv's  chromic anodisation opaque softer films that are self-healing and ductile. They are often used as a treatment prior to our specialist painting processes.


iqqtv's tartaric anodizing process has use for multiple industrial applications, including aerospace markets, for upmost corrosion resistance for aluminum alloys. The naturally occurring tartaric ingredient can be applied to our sulphuric acid solutions for first rate protection as well as fatigue resistance and paint adhesion.

iqqtv’s variety of anodic processes are formulated with precision, and with care to minimalizing contamination; carried out in house by our technicians for an environmental and high quality anodic coating.


In addition to iqqtv services in passivation, we supply chromate conversion coatings Alocrom 600, 1000 and 1500 for application for use as a pre-paint coating for electrical conductivity requirements or application to aluminium to prevent corrosion. These coatings are selected by iqqtv or optimal practice due to provision of a premium foundation for paint and organic components and minimal changes to surface appearance.

Vacuum Blasting

Dry Film Lubricants

Supporting manufacturing provisions for aerospace and automotive markets, iqqtv offers complete dry film lube solutions executed by our specialised technicians to meet customers specific requirements. Backed by our integrated supply chain, we can offer total end-to-end solutions supervised by our lean supervise project managers.

Expoxy Prime & Finish Schemes

iqqtv’s epoxy prime and finish schemes are advantageous for increasing adhesion to paints, resistance to industrial fluids and improved flexibility as well as corrosion inhibition. These finishing qualities tailored to your needs by our expertise aid reduction of maintenance costs for corrosive damage. Treatments completed by our in-house paint specialist team can be applied to a variety of alloys for a number of applications, especially to protect aging parts. All processes are completed to certifications and approvals of the highest standards.

Etch Primer

Serving as an effective base for coat for epoxy finishes, epoxy primer is a simple solution to corrosion offered by iqqtv that promotes component longevity. iqqtv’s primers feature enhanced filiform corrosion resistance and can be chosen over other coatings to avoid the need to de-oxidise surfaces. 

Paint Spray & Stoving

iqqtv specialise in paint spray of complex components. Each of our paint processes are based around conventional spray applications, meeting exact customer specifications. With both organic based paints such as enamel, dry film lubricant and hot hard anti adherent, through to water based sacrificial corrosion resistant paint used by our in-house team of technicians, each component is finished to the highest standards.

Polyeurathane Finish Schemes

iqqtv polyurethane finish schemes are designed and carried out by our paint specialist team up to military standards, serving a multitude of markets, including aerospace industries. By tailoring polyurethane solutions with resins, iqqtv can form a range of powerful resistants to industrial fluids and environmental influences, providing protection for a variety of flexible finishes with total coverage for complex components.

Rock Hard Lacquer

This acrylic (water) based formula has the advantage of presenting a high glass finish on metallic and pearlescent painted surfaces to achieve a first-rate finish and colour match as part of the lacquering service iqqtv maintain. Our lacquers provide a toughened protection against corrosion that can be hard wearing and heat resistant for use on multiple engine and vehicle components within diverse industrial markets.

Continuous development of industrial lacquering formulas by iqqtv's specialist painting team ensures that your coating can be chemically engineered to your advantage, with lasting colour and protection. These advantages can include easy application and fast drying, guaranteeing timely and high quality completion.

Our array of processes are completed at our advanced facilities to the highest environmental, quality and customer standards.

Water-based Primer Solutions

iqqtv offer an assortment of adhesive compositions to produce bespoke beneficial undercoats alongside our multiple finishing services.

A diversity of coating thicknesses can be produced by our specialist team to your specification and our top-level approvals. We cater for all aspects of desirable primer properties with our collection of aqueous primer blends, to protect against various forms of corrosion as well as promoting adhesion for polyurethane based sealants. By blending organic resins, we can also produce an environmentally friendly primer, demonstrating outstanding protective results when tested.

Magnetic Particle Inspection (MPI)

iqqtv Group provides this thorough service for subsurface detection within ferromagnetic materials and alloys by direct or indirect magnetization. Application of ferrous particles in differing arrangements to the tested components give accurate identification of fault presence by leak of magnetic flux, with aid of ultraviolet light to present the location of the ferrous particle build up. These non-destructive actions tailored to your specifications by our highly accredited technicians provide a detailed, approved analysis.

Fluorescence Penetrant Inspection (FPI)

For vivid detection of minute flaws of smooth surface tight pored metals, the contrast of this chemical application accurately validates presence of defects as a safe approved non-destructive test carried out by iqqtv Group expertise. iqqtv carry out a variation of non-destructive tests scientifically designed to suit the material and surface type in accordance to the types of suspected damage to form a clear diagnosis.


Grain Flow Testing

Anodic Flaw Detect


iqqtv action a full masking service, with the complete design of hard and soft processes for masking, including jig and rack design. Using a variety of best-in class products and services, iqqtv are able to offer a refined finishing processes, ensuring all services meet customer requirements and our full Nadcap certifications.

Complex Masking

iqqtv continually refine this critical element of the finishing process. Masking specific areas allows multiple finishes to be applied in close proximity to the same part, allowing one area to be anodized while the rest of the part remains intact. We use masking resins that are formulated to provide superior surface protection and chemical resistance during chemical processes. iqqtv capability to mask and seal all components in one step provides efficiency and cost reduction to our services.


Complete component protection

Operating from our facility in Pinxton, Nottinghamshire, we provide specialist component protection. We are equipped with both manual and automated plants offering a uniquely flexible processing platform for complex components in both small or large production batches. Thanks to our experienced team, we are able to provide world-class services for a diverse range of global Aerospace and Engineering applications.


Quality as standard

iqqtv GEB's commitment to quality is unrivalled within the aerospace industry. Meeting some of the most stringent quality requirements, all of our products undergo sophisticated inspection and testing techniques. To continue to maintain these high standards, iqqtv GEB has developed its quality management system in line with the latest aerospace techniques, working to achieve the iqqtv's quality within all activities.