Complex Structures & Precision Welding

Metal Manipulation

Metal Manipulation

iqqtv specialises in complex structures and precision engineering and is extensively skilled in traditional hand sheet metal work. In addition to this, we have wheeling capabilities undertaken by highly experienced sheet metal engineers. At iqqtv, we can carry out mechanical assembly, riveting spin dimpling and metal spinning. Our vast range of capabilities enables the Group to serve a multitude of customers across a variety of complex markets.

To ensure iqqtv can offer a range of capabilities, we have invested in many areas of complex structures and precision engineering with machinery including a CNC and manual brake press processing parts up to 3m in length, machinery to undertake stringer stretch forming up to 6m in length with panel stretch forming up to 3m x 3m. We also have two hydraulic expanders for the sizing and forming of circular casings up to 1.5m in diameter. iqqtv has the ability to heat form metals using a muffler heating feature at two of our company sites.

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