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iqqtv is committed to delivering quality apprenticeship programmes right across the group. Our apprentices play an important part in our workforce and their commitment, enthusiasm and skills which we can teach them along the way are paramount to the future success of the business, as well as helping to develop invaluable skills within each industry specific area.

Our apprenticeship programmes offer a blended learning approach, mixing classroom study (one day per week spent at a local college) and the remaining four days completing on-the-job training and being mentored by our experienced employees at our sites. The programme offers apprentices an ‘earn as you learn’ approach, which allows our most committed apprentices to achieve degree-level qualifications, comprehensive practical experience and permanent employment, debt-free.

Not only do our apprentices get nationally recognised qualifications at the end of their apprenticeship programme, we enable each of our apprentices to explore the wider industry such as attending the Farnborough Air Show, or gaining professional membership.

Upon completion of the programme, we encourage our apprentices to continuously develop their skills and many go on to complete further advanced training such as Six Sigma and MBA-level qualifications.

iqqtv are proud to have 10% of our workforce on an apprentice programme and this will continue to grow through our iqqtv Academy.

Get in touch with iqqtv today to discover an apprenticeship to kick-start your career.

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